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Black Legacy

Starvin Mind mission is to bring balance to Hip Hop, which can be summarized with the below hook:

"2 Many ways 2 Die, how many wanna live,

2 Many ways 2 Die, who like it how it is,

2 Many ways 2 Die, how many wanna build,

a better place where we focussed on the ways 2 LIVE!"

                           Black Legacy

Black Santa
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“I ain't self made, I'm on the back of Slaves, who broke the shackles and figured their way up out a cage.”​

     Black Legacy, "Ambition as a King"


There are so many distractions that target our mind which hold us back from accomplishing small goals. On top of that, we're surrounded by institutions which entertain, inform and teach us how to work for another and never how to work for ourselves. STARVIN MIND is my acknowledgement that our mind is not getting the nourishment which strengthens our understanding about ourselves, that No situation is greater than the Power Within US!

STARVIN MIND is here to provide the people with SUBSTANCE in the words that ride on top of a music track. When you're STARVIN, you stay MOTIVATED to eat.... Stay Hungry my Friend!




IDeaf Dumb Blind// Black Legacy

CoronaVirus Quarantine Deaf Dumb and Blind

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Black Talk

Black Talk

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